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UPDATE: With your support, we were able to reach the fundraising goal! Francisco and his family thank you to all who were able to contribute to his fundraiser. Unfortunately, Francisco has now been transferred to an ICE Detention Center–Nevada Southern Detention Center – Salt Lake City Field Office. 

WHAT THIS MEANS: When Francisco has his bond hearing, his family will have to post his bond so that he can be released. Without the bond money, he would have had to go through deportation proceedings from a detention center. Your donations to the Hernandez family will effectively allow him to come home to his family and have ready access to legal council. By no means is this over–Francisco’s supporters and legal council will need to fight for his release, and then for his right to remain in the U.S. with his family and friends.

HOW YOU CAN STILL HELP: A successful bond very much depends on proving to the court that Francisco is of good moral character and not a flight risk should he be released from detention to be with his family. This is achieved through LETTERS OF SUPPORT from individuals and organizations. So far, we have collected over 600 letters . This is an extraordinary amount but more letters are better so please keep them coming if you haven’t submitted one already.

For Citizens and Permanent Residents, copies of ID’s or Driver’s Licenses help to strengthen your letter of support. To submit front and back scanned copies of your ID or DL, please send them directly to

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DONATIONS: We encourage anyone who has the capacity to donate but has not done so yet to please do so. The fundraised amount will cover the bond and any amount over the goal will go towards supporting Francisco’s mounting expenses, including financial support to offset his time away from work, court fines, transportation, and future expenses related to his proceedings. You can donate by clicking the following button. Francisco’s family thanks you. 


ABOUT THE INCIDENT: On March 5th, 2018, Francisco’s daughter, an outspoken immigrant rights advocate and student alumni, moderated the Immigration Forum: Student’s Speak Out! panel on resources available to undocumented students at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Shortly after, on the evening of Friday March 9th, Francisco Hernandez Arellano was pulled over for a traffic stop as he was coming back home from work in Las Vegas. In front of his wife, he was immediately taken into custody to Las Vegas Clark County Jail and upon his arrival, an ICE hold was placed on him. Las Vegas Clark County Jail chose to transfer him over to ICE despite opposition from his family and supporters. HE IS CURRENTLY IN ICE CUSTODY. We are now demanding that ICE release him from custody. We are currently seeking letters of support that represent Francisco’s good character to stop his deportation.

About Francisco Hernandez Arellano:

As the breadwinner of his family, Francisco needs to be home supporting his five children so that they continue to prosper. He is a pillar to the community and exemplary role model. He is always very happy telling everyone about his jokes and funny stories when he was a kid. He has found time for this, even when he never stops working from the Monday-Sunday. Francisco has been instrumental in his daughter’s success, providing support throughout her journey in higher education and now as an immigrant rights advocate. Please help bring Francisco home.

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We are seeking letters of support for Francisco’s safe return. Will you help reunite Francisco with his family? 
Cartas de apoyo deben ser escrito en inglés. Si gusta, puede oprimir el botón para ver la versión de la carta traducida en español.


We are seeking letters of support from individuals and organizations for Francisco Hernandez. You may use the template below or contact Yessica Gonzalez at, if you have any questions regarding the letters of support or if your organization would like to provide an official letter. Using the form below will send your letter to Your letters will be used to support Francisco’s court case.

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For Citizens and Permanent Residents, copies of ID’s or Driver’s Licenses help to strengthen your letter of support. To submit front and back scanned copies of your ID or DL, please send them directly to

Bring Francisco Home!


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Carta de Apoyo Traducida a Español

Francisco Hernández Arellano (DOB 06/04/1965)

A quien le interese,

Le escribo para apoyar a Francisco Hernández,
un padre de cinco años indocumentado, actualmente detenido en California,
en la Cárcel del Condado de Las Vegas (ID 07055605).

El 5 de marzo de 2018, la hija de Francisco, una abierta defensora de los derechos de los inmigrantes y ex alumnos estudiantes, moderó el Foro de Inmigración: Student’s Speak Out! panel sobre recursos disponibles para estudiantes indocumentados en la Universidad de California, Los Angeles (UCLA). En la mañana del 10 de marzo, cinco días más tarde, se detuvo a ICE en Francisco luego de una simple parada de tráfico mientras conducía por Las Vegas.

Actualmente, Francisco enfrenta el riesgo de deportación debido a una detención de ICE por su arresto.
Francisco es reconocido por su dedicada ética de trabajo y apoyo ilimitado para su familia y su comunidad.

Francisco es un padre amoroso para cinco hijos y el sostén de su familia. Francisco necesita estar en casa apoyando a sus hijos para que continúen prosperando. Él es un pilar de su comunidad y un modelo a seguir ejemplar. Le recomendamos que por favor ayude a regresar a Francisco Hernández a su amorosa familia y comunidad.



Contact Info of Clark County Elected Officials

District A – Steve Sisolak
(702) 455-3500
District E – Chris Giunchigliani
(702) 455-3500
District B – Marilyn Kirkpatrick
(702) 455-3500
District F – Susan Brager
(702) 455-3500
District C – Larry Brown
(702) 455-3500
District G – James B. Gibson
(702) 455-3500
District D – Lawrence Weekly
(702) 455-3500

LV Clark County Emergency Number: (702) 671-5700
LV Clark County Bail Out Number: (702) 455-3462
Defendant’s ID: 07055605

Clark County Detention Center
330 S Casino Center Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101